sunnuntai 29. toukokuuta 2016

10 facts about me

1. I love to make combinations about cars license plates. For example if the license plate is TIU-123 it would be Today I Understand.
2. I love to read Donald Ducks, especially Don Rosas stories and drawings. I've cried to his comics because they are so touching and humane. He's sense of humor is also amazing.

3. Cars are one of my passions. My dream is to own 60's or 70's Ford Mustang some day.
4. I have never been in an amusement park.
5. When I started playing piano I didn't know it was classical. I took me many years to realize it.
6. Every second number of my date of birth is 6. I'm born in the 26. day of June in 1996, so you got the 666 out of it. I think it's funny :D
7. I never win anything but in this year I'm going to Tuska Festival, and also to Iron Maidens and Black Sabbaths gigs. I won all the tickets from some Facebook lottery.
8. Now when I live on my own I've realized how much I love my family. I know this is common but still.
9. My summer starting routine is to buy new sunglasses. I always buy the same styled glasses I already have and I've done this like 7 years. I've lost so many sunglasses that it's not even unnecessary.
10. When I was 16 my biggest phone bill was about 150€. Mom was not happy. Neither was I. I might had one boy who I liked to text.... :D

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