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What I've learnt from my piano teachers

My first piano teacher was a bit scary for a beginning. He was quite old man with a low voice and an high authority. But when I got to know him he was very good teacher. They say that the first teacher matters a lot so here is some things I appreciated in him:

  • He allowed me to compose my own songs and even perform those in concerts. His philosophy was that when a child is exited you should allow the excitement, and just try to keep up with them. Never told them to slow down.
  • I really respected him. His authority was natural and he knew what he was talking about. His knowledge was amazing and he had a great sense of humor.
  • I really learned to keep my nails short. I remember one lesson when I had too long nails and he gave the nail scissors and told me to cut my nails. Then it was embarrassing but now it's just fun :D

Now I've had five teachers after him and it's quite a lot when some will have just one teacher. I've learnt something from everyone, but I think now it's better to be more abstract and tell the things I've noticed or learned during this 12 years from all of them:

  • Pick the pieces you like. It's never nice to play the piece which doesn't motivate you at all. I've noticed about myself that I don't develop when I don't like playing something.
  • ...But still you should play the music you're not very into. For example I don't like Bach's Inventios, but those are asked in degrees and are very useful for technique. And I've noticed that a good teacher can make you like the music you didn't like before.
  • Talk and communicate. Be interested. I appreciated that I was asked how I'm doing and is everything ok. It was very useful when an exam week was going or something else - then teacher didn't wonder why my practicing was so little.
  • Don't behave rude. Ever. Not for any person. The respect will suffer from it even the teachers skills would be how amazing.
  • You should never be motivated by fear.
  • Be ready to learn through your life. Teaching has changed a lot and it will change all the time. It's important to find and keep the style you have but still you should be ready to develop yourself and follow the world.
  • Be equal for all. You don't have to like everyone but you must be fair for everyone you teach. If the communication doesn't work you should seek another solution.
  • And I think this is the most important: love what you do.

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