perjantai 13. toukokuuta 2016

How to fake piano skills

Today I was diligent and started doing school things. I had to link one video for my classmates in Moodle, and it was so good that I wanted to share it here also.

Because playing and practicing might be too serious sometimes, it's good to have entertaining by this kind of dude. I wish I could also remember that playing piano is not always the most serious thing in a world. You don't have to be pro to make people happy. I understood that he does not have any kind of experience about playing piano, but I love who he fakes his skills. As a pianist I have to say that I hear the problems and the things which are not meant to be played, but who cares when the feeling is so good.

Here is part 1. He is starting with black keys. He thinks that it looks smart and cool :D

I thought that the second part was funnier. It's true that people are more convinced when you play faster. Maybe because the speed hides mistakes better than a slower tempo?

There is also a third part but I think that it's not as funny as the previous ones. But because it does exist, I link it here.

As well I could do the same kind of version about how to play guitar. I have never been in lessons but I think I can make credible riffs and sounds - without knowing what I'm doing.

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