sunnuntai 29. toukokuuta 2016

Why metal?

One big part of my personality is love into metal music. It started when I was in primary school and I had a crush whose favorite band was Metallica. I wanted to make an impact so I called to my friend and asked if she could copy some Metallica for me (Yes, we lived the time when was no Spotify, and everything had to download illegally.). She was okay with that, and my trip into heavy metal world was started. Too bad that the boy didn't notice me even I tried so hard :D
Then came my birthday and I turned ten or something.. my cousin called to me and asked which record I wanted as my birthday present. I didn't know any good bands so my cousin brought me Black Sabbath. I told that the Paranoid was "okay" so it was enough for him. Little by little I fell in love.

At lower secondary school I had a big brake from metal culture and music. I became a huge fan of Michael Jackson because he died "magically" in my 13th birthday (for real he died in 25.6 but in Finland it was 26.6. when it happened). I didn't listen anything else but Michael Jackson, it was my life until it started to be so embarrassing that my friends started to be mean for me. Well, let's not go into that but I realized that I had to change. And I had a new crush again... :D

Metallica, Megadeth, Testament, Machine Head, Black Sabbath... I was sold. I found the workable way to clear my mind and handle the bad feelings I had. I started to find my personality and found the style which continues to this day. Black clothes, chains on jeans, leather jackets... and the attitude I guess. Of course it was a long way to go and nothing happened just one click. Also I wanted to be careful so my friends would still accept me. In that age everything was a bit different.

Now I couldn't imagine my life without metal music. It has brought so much good to me. Great experiences, new friends, inspiration and an interesting touch to my identity. Of course the bands I listen has changed a bit, to the heavier way I think. But umm... in music has happened the same as can happen with food. Let me explain: I still like everything sweet and the things I loved as a child, but now I can now eat herring and blue cheese with smile on my face.

Pictures taken from Pinterest.

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