lauantai 28. toukokuuta 2016

Music memes

I don't know what I was doing but I got lost in the wonderful world of Pinterest. One of my entertainments is to laugh for good memes and there are lot of good ones about classical music. Here is a "few" of them! I hope that I'm not the only one with stupid sense of humor.

Let's start with Beethoven. Beethoven rocks.

I've actually told the banana joke in a tutor meeting. The idea was to tell one joke at a stage of Henry's Pub so you got the free drink ticket. It was not surprising that only musicians laughed :D

The next ones are just so stupid... and still so clever.

At the next ones might be part of my future?

I laughed so much for these:

And how cute is this?? Awwww.

I can relate in this soooo much :'D

And the last one tells so much about my personality and taste of music.

Okay, so this was a lighter post again! The last two posts were so full of text that I thought to bring some humor in this blog. Maybe I should do the same kind of post about heavy metal because it's so big part of me. The bad thing is that usually you need to know things for this kind of humor (that's the reason I don't show classical music memes for my non-musical friends). For example in the second meme of this post you need to know that Beethoven was deaf. 

Ouch, the clock is almost 1 am. I guess I should go to sleep now and shut down the Pinterest. By the way all the pictures of this post were from there.

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