sunnuntai 22. toukokuuta 2016

Rising from the grave


I've been sick this whole week. I guess the last weekend in Liekeissä -festival was too much. The idea was to have some fun with friends and enjoy the bands and the music. My favorite band was the Almost seven sons, which played Iron Maiden. I think I'm not the only one whose favorite it was. The boys rocked out like professionals! And the guitarists leopard leggings were awesome :D After that we went for a few beers and then I wanted to go home and get some rest. On Sunday morning I woke up sick (not in hangover thank god). My throat was dry and it hurt, and it didn't take long when the fever rose.

Then I lied on my bed the whole week. I was at school only when I needed to eat or when I had to be at exam or something like that. Even I was alone most of the week I felt I didn't had a real chance to rest. It was so frustrating. For my lucky my father had a job things to do in Kuopio, so I jumped in his car on Friday. Now I am at my parents and it's so much easier to rest when you are not there where you supposed to do everything. I don't need to think anything in here. The best part is that I have people around me even I can be in my own peace.
And now I feel much healthier.

Today is Sunday and I go back in Kuopio. Tomorrow I have a degree about singing (PT1), and I'm a bit nervous. I know my voice isn't okay yet because of this flu. But the only thing I can do is to try my best.

One of this weeks saviors has been ICE HOCKEY! Today I'm going to meet my friends and watch how Finland is going to play against Canada in final. I guess we are going to have a huge party in Finland if the best possible happens. Torilla tavataan! I mean, see you on the market place!

Actually I don't like this song but it's been ringing in my head lately, and it fits better than well on this day!

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