lauantai 28. toukokuuta 2016

My first piano lesson as a teacher

Today was an awesome day. I had my first piano lesson as a teacher. At Thursday I got a message from one familiar, and she asked if I could teach her daughter in this summer. I said yes immediately.
I thought that this is a great chance to get practicing for the future, because on next year we will have teaching at school (and I am a bit nervous about that).

One thing that helped my job was that my pupil was already a good pianist. I mean, that we didn't had to start from the very beginning. It was nice to notice that we can focus in music and not to the very basics.

Well what did we do at the first lesson? We talked a lot, we didn't play much. I think that it's nicer for both if we get to know each others first. I asked what she was done earlier with other teachers, and I checked the notes she had. She didn't had any "homework" for summer so it was my change to start something new with her. I think I had little troubles by choosing a good note, because I didn't want to give too difficult or too easy piece. Also I wanted that the piece would be motivating and it should be nice to play and practice. Then we found a theme from Harry Potter and it was the best choice. She said that she had all the movies so the theme was very familiar. Then I said that I've never seen any Harry Potter movies, so we made a deal that she will practice the piano and I will watch at least one movie :D I hope that on the next lesson we will play more and I can start the "real teaching". I think that I will have challenges with learning teaching, but I'm very exited that I have this change to learn. I hope that she has the same feeling.

Well, I do fear that I don't be a good motivator for her. I know that her previous teachers were not very good and the latest teacher was everything but motivating. Whoever I will ever teach, I'd like to be a good motivator and support. I think I've failed if somebody's excitement about music flops because I can't be a good teacher. Although I said that we are learning together - she learns to play the piano and I learn to teach.

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