tiistai 24. toukokuuta 2016

ABC's of music

Hi! On this post I wanted to do something more relaxing and fun. It was interesting to think music by ABC's. The first ones was easy to think but it got more difficult to the end.

A. Artist. I hope that someday I could say that word about myself - with good conscience.
B: Beethoven. A great composer but I got frustrated with his one sonatin in last winter.
C: Creativity. I love how creative I can be with music. There is always something new to try.
D: Drinking. Musicians life? Not the whole truth.
E: Emotion. The best music is the music played with emotion.
F: Failures. Part of doing this, and something you can learn a lot.
G: Guitar. My forever "someday I can play it well" -project :D

H: Happiness. I don't need to add anything on this.
I: Italian. Most of the music terms are written in this language. Piano, forte, diminuendo...
J: Jealousy. Something what every musician feels sometimes. I can also give a new motivation.
K: Karma. This can mean many things in music :D
L: Lied. Something I've got exited. I love the idea that you are not just a accompanist, you are pianist.
M: Mother. My biggest supporter I think, and also my rolemodel.
N: Notes. Always lost.

O: Opera. Never seen any, I hope that some day it's possible.
P: Piano. I've played it 12 years now.
Q: Quality. I hope that whatever I'll ever do, it's done by heart and with good quality.
R: Rhythm. The most important thing and also the best thing in any music.
S: Singing. Singing in a shower, during doing dishes, in a car... and the list goes on.
T: Tense. It's ok when it doesn't go over. It preps for a coming presentation.
U: Unique. Good thing to be.

V: Vibrato. Good thing to handle.
W: Website. When you do something professionally (gigs for example), the own website is a huge help.
X: Xylophone. I think I had one little xylophone which was meant for children. I didn't sound nice.
Y: Young. I try to be postitive and think that I am still young and I have time to do a lot of things.
Z: Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin. The only thing I worked out in this part :D

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